Cyprus has 40 picnic sites in different forests which can accommodate a total capacity of 2300 people for the day.

Tourists or locals that would like to stay overnight, there are 5 camping sites which operate in Cyprus and those are managed by the Forestry Department of Cyprus.

The Forestry Department of Cyprus also assures that the camping sites include all the necessary services for excursions in the areas for example drinking water, wooden picnic tables, toilets and other amenities.

To reduce the risk of forest fires of the excursionists, appropriate places in the forests several picnic and camping sites have been manufactured. Due to the offered facilities, excursionists congregate in these organized areas and therefore reduce the risk of fires from uncontrolled dispersion within the forests.

You may refer to this list or view all the picnic sites we have in our website below.

Cyprus Picnic Sites photos: 
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Cyprus picnic sites map

Cyprus picnic sites by location (district)

Pera Vasa Picnic Site

The Pera Vasa Picnic Site is located on the Agios Nikolaos- Gerfyri tou Tzelefou road, 9 kilometers from the Agios Nikolaos village, after t...

Platania Picnic Site

The Platania Picnic Site is located at an altitude of 1100 metres , 6 kilometres from  Kakopetria Village , on the road towards Troodos...

Polemidia Picnic Site

The Polemidia Picnic Site is located at  the Polemidia National Forest, 6 kilometres from the Limassol Centre. Altitude: 160 metres....

Prodromos Dam Picnic Site

The Prodromos Dam Picnic Site is located at the Troodos Square – Prodromos road, 5 kilometres from the Troodos Square, on the left turning...

Prophet Elias Picnic Site

The Prophet Elias picnic site is located at the Lythrodonta- Vavatsinia road through the Machera forest, 8 km from Lythrodonta, next to the ...

Pykni Picnic Site

The Pykni Picnic Site is located on the Peyia-Kathikas road, 3 km from Peyia and 6km from Kathikas , at the national forest of Peyia  i...

Rizoelia Picnic Site

The Rizoelia Picnic Site is located 2 kilometres from the Aradippou village on the west of the Nicosia – Larnaca highway, at the Rizoelia ...

Smigies Picnic Site

The Smigies Picnic Site is located on the Polis Chrysochous-Neo Chorio-Akamas Road, 7 kilometres from Polis Chrysochous and 2 kilometres fro...

Stavros tis Psokas Picnic Site

The Stavros tis Psokas Picnic Site is located at the forest station of Stavros tis Psokas , about 20 kilometres from Lyso or Kannaviou in th...