The name of Deryneia has been linked with the cultivation of strawberries, with the first plantation being cultivated in the village of Deryneia 55 years ago by the farmer Mitsio Yiannouko. Even though the 70% of the area has been occupied by the Turks since 1974, Deryneia still has the first place in the cultivation of strawberries. This is shown through the events of the Strawberry Festival, which have been held in the municipality since 1999.

The aim of the festival is the demonstration of the innovating cultivation and dissemination of the product and by-products, in combination with the presentation of a quality and artistic program.

Locals and foreigners are offered fresh strawberries as well as other by-products such as strawberry juice, jam, liquors, sweets, ice creams etc. that the manufacturers and their families produce.

Organised groups in the municipality operate stalls at the festival with food and drinks. The visitors also have the chance to enjoy fireworks and a rich artistic program.

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deryneia strawberry festival
deryneia strawberry festival
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