The source of love, the known Fontana Amorosa is located at the western part of Cyprus, the Akamas Peninsula, near the Arnaoutis Cape and next to the famous Blue Lagoon Beach in the Paphos district .

Fontana Amorosa is a bay with a small source, which powered many legends and traditions around lovers and love. Legend has it that the goddess Aphrodite took her lovers there away from people. Another legend states that those who drink from this spring, will fall in love again.

The mystery around the foreign word «Fontana Amorosa» was answered during the Ruling of the Franks in Cyprus and is possibly an explanation of a corresponding Greek name. The water, a spring of life was connected with Aphrodite the goddess of Love during antiquity.

Fontana Amorosa is not a classic sandy beach but its water is crystal clear and has a deep green – light blue color. It is a tourist area of boats which leave latsi as one of the sights in the area. The bottom is made up of sand and rocks and its depth is from 3 to 5 meters.

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akamas fontana amoroza
akamas fontana amoroza
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