In the area of the Episkopi bay in the Limassol district , there is a secret paradise called Trypiti but it is commonly known as Zapallo beach. It is a sandy beach of 800 meters.

What is great about this paradise is that the sea brought large quantities of fine sand on the coast, creating a wonderful beach which can easily be compared with other beaches of Protara and Ayia Napa.

Access to this beach is through the Curium road towards the Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates .

After the entrance towards the Sanctuary and at a distance of 100 metres, take the turning on the left. Continue towards the point of the iron bar. It is best to leave the car at that point and continue on foot.

The path is not so easy, especially during the return but the scenery and the sea will reward you.

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zapalo beach
zapalo beach
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