The Avdimou Bay Beach is located to the south of the Avdimou Village in the Limassol district.

It is a small bay in which the Avdimou River empties into.  Road access to the beach is through a road of fields, vinelands, olive trees and citrus trees.

It is a large beach of about 1 kilometre in length and 40 metres in width, which is safe for children as the waters are quite shallow.

The beach is mostly sandy with some pebbles.  It is surrounded by some old deserted storages buildings which were used for carobs.

There are also some casual recreation centres and there are some bars and taverns at a short distance from the beach.

The Avdimou Beach Bay offers visitors a day of rest in the deep blue sea.  

Avdimou Bay Beach photos: 
avdimou bay beach
avdimou bay beach
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