Paramali beach is located at the Paramali village which is 25 kilometres west of Limassol.

To get to this beach you take the first exit towards Paramali after the tunnel on the LimassolPaphos highway.

It is a large sandy beach, whose water cannot be characterised as being shallow.

The particular beach seems to be preferred by people who do kitesurfing as the largest kitesurfing school is set up in the area. The strong winds which exist in the area make it ideal for the particular sport.

However the beach can also be an alternative choice for those who prefer peace and relaxation away from the cosmopolitan organised beaches on the island.

What is definite is that the visitor will enjoy the peace on this shore as it comes into harmony with other elements of nature.

This beach is a turtle hatching beach, so visitors must be careful as to protect this type of sea life.

As the beach is quite deserted there aren’t any facilities such as sunbeds and umbrellas. 

There aren’t any restaurants or bars around, therefore food and drinks must be taken with you or you can visit the youth centre in the village for souvlakia, sheftalies, sausages and halloumi.

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