The map below shows the latest earthquakes in cyprus approximately 60 km from the island. The minimum Richter magnitude of all earthquake events we are displaying is 2.5 MI and above.

For more information about the seismic activity you can click on the map pinpoint and the related information will be shown including the time, date as well as the earthquake depth.

* Earthquakes on our site are updated weekly. All Cyprus Earthquakes data is taken by the Cyprus geological survey department.


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cyprus earthquakes
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Latest Cyprus Earthquakes (Map)

Displaying 109 earthquake events.

Latest Cyprus Earthquakes (list)

Event 20170529-10

Time:2017-05-29 02:59:05.080
Position:34.9238°N, 33.9800°E
Major Place:12 km S of Paralimni
Depth:11.16 km
Magnitude:2.7 Ml

Event 20170520-18

Time:2017-05-20 08:22:38.590
Position:34.9005°N, 34.0143°E
Major Place:15 km S of Paralimni
Depth:14.86 km
Magnitude:3.1 Ml

Event 20170520-19

Time:2017-05-20 06:05:27.990
Position:34.9147°N, 34.0955°E
Major Place:17 km SE of Paralimni
Depth:14.07 km
Magnitude:3.3 Ml

Event 20170520-23

Time:2017-05-20 05:41:13.150
Position:34.8797°N, 33.9048°E
Major Place:19 km S of Paralimni
Depth:7.52 km
Magnitude:4.1 Ml

Event 20170518-4

Time:2017-05-18 03:45:36.000
Position:35.5815°N, 32.5787°E
Place:Mediterranean Sea
Major Place:57 km NW of Morphou
Depth:78.54 km
Magnitude:2.9 Ml