The Fairy tale Museum is located in the Nicosia district and it opened on the 23rd of February 2017, inviting young and old to the magical world of fairy tales.

The fairy tales, legends and myths meet the written language of children literature and invite us on a magical journey to culture and tradition.

The basic aims of the museum is the preservation and dissemination of the cultural heritage which includes fairy tales , legends , myths and traditions from Cyprus and Greece , the promotion of the universality of fairy tales, the acquaintance of other cultures through their tales and the development of reading

The museum axis rotates around the main characteristics of the fairy tales and expresses them three-dimensionally, plating with these elements and developing the idea of the magic library.

The Fairy tale museum gives young and old the chance to explore the fairy tale through interactive exhibitions, the chance to admire rare books and art work inspired from fairy tales and read a fairy-tale from the wide selection available.

The museum organises fairy-tale readings, exhibitions, dedications to writers and educational programmes for children, the family, school, and anyone who loves the world of fairy tales.


32 Granikou steet ,

Pyli Paphou







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fairy tale museum
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