The Asinou Picnic Site is located on the Astromeritis – Nikitari – Asinou road, 2 kilometres from the Nikitari village, next to the road and before the Asinou church in the Nicosia district.

Altitude: 440 metres.

Capacity: 150 people.


Rules of conduct for Visitors

Visitors of picnic and camping sites should follow some basic rules of conduct to ensure the least possible harm to the environment but also to ensure the comfort of other guests.

The most important of these rules are the following:

  • Fires permitted only in grills provided. In some picnic areas, such as in Asinou and Athalassa, the lighting of fire is not allowed at all.
  • Before leaving the area, make sure the coals that have been used, have extinguished completely, even if you have stored them in the premises that may exist for this purpose.
  • The use of wood and the preparation of food from the forest is not allowed. Every visitor must arrange to have the necessary amount of charcoal.
  • Keep the area clean. Collect all the rubbish that have emerged and put them in bins. If for any reason there are no bins or if it is full, then take your trash with you. Do not leave plastic bags outside, because they are usually scattered by stray dogs, foxes etc.      
  •  Do not make unnecessary noises, respect the rights of the others for peace and quiet.
  • Cutting plants, tree bark harassing nests, damaging the environment are banned by the forestry legislation.
  • Park your car in parking lots and not next to the tables.       
  • Use the water with caution. Don't waste it.     
  • Solicit other guests to obey by the basic rules of conduct.
  • If you notice a fire, immediately call the number 1407 (24 hours, toll-free)
Asinou Picnic Site photos: 
asinou picnic
asinou picnic
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