Located on one of the most beautiful mediterranean islands in the world you will find a quiet little city that goes by the name of Larnaca. Don’t let the quiet vibes fool you however, this city can cater to young adventurous travellers just as much as it can to families. Here is a list of the top 5 things to do in Larnaca to entertain yourself. 

1. Explore the beaches

Whether you are sipping a famous ice cold frappe coffee on the famous coastal finikoudes promenade, dancing to the cool tunes of Ammos at Mackenzie beach or lazily lounging around at Nusa bar by Kastella beach, Larnaca’s beautiful coastline has something to offer for everyone.

Each one has its own charm. Finikoudes, being more central and family-friendly, is by far the noisiest and livliest beach in Larnaca. Mackenzie on the other hand is way more chill and quiet during the winter months especially if a long romantic walk by the sea is more your thing. Last but not least Kastella is perfect for a swim in the gorgeous crystal clear waters while grabbing a refreshing ice cream or a sweet waffle from one of the nearby ice cream parlours. 

2. Discover the Saint Lazarus Church

Saint Lazarus Square is home to one of the most renowned churches among the Greek Orthodox residents of the island, Saint Lazarus (or Agios Lazaros in Greek). Legend has it that Jesus resurrected Lazarus from the dead and by visiting this serene church you can even get a glimpse of the famous tombstone of the Saint. He is said to have lived for a further 30 years before being buried for a second and final time. So if you are on a city break be sure to check out this beautiful 9th century Church.

3. Explore the Larnaca Salt Lake

If exotic pink birds and beautiful picturesque scenery are your thing then you will definitely feel at home at the Larnaca Salt Lake, one of the islands natural wonders. The lake itself attracts many different bird species depending on the season including crane birds and of course the famous pink feathered flamingos which Larnaca is famous for. These pink feathered creatures are a treat to the eyes and attract many eager photographers. Visitors can explore the lake's many walking trails, take in the stunning views, and learn more about the history of the lake and how important it is to the island's ecosystem. 

4. Zenobia Wreck

For all you experienced divers out there, if you are up for something different and unique then Zenobia’s wreck is a highly recommended attraction. A 200m long Swedish ship which is now accompanied by fish and corals, the Zenobia sank in 1980 and is now a popular attraction for any adventurous diver wanting to witness this piece of Maritime history and observe the abundance of marine life that has made its way around it. If you aren’t up for diving then fret not, tourists can also take a glass bottom boat or snorkel around the area to witness its magnificence. 

5. Experience the nightlife

Finally, Larnaca has one of the most bustling and vibrant nightlife experiences the mediterranean has to offer. From the stylish and posh beach bars of Mackenzie beach to the chic and cosy bars and venues of Athens Avenue, tourists are honestly spoiled for choice. A wide selection of cafes and restaurants is also available at Larnaca’s Finikoudes promenade and surrounding areas. Visitors can happily sip on their Pina Colada while staring into the limitless blue sea under the beautiful moonlight. 

Overall, there is a lot more to do in Larnaca than meets the eye. From a romantic getaway, to an adventurous dive or even a crazy night out with friends and family, this spectacular city has it all. Don’t forget the picturesque salt lake and serene Saint Lazaros church, Larnaca truly has something for everyone.