After the women make the flaounes and the tsourekia, they make small cases in a variety of shapes, in which they place one or two cooked and coloured eggs.These cases are called afkotes.

Afkotes are cooked in the oven, but placed at the oven opening so that they can be taken out as they cook very quickly.

The dough for afkotes is made from flour, semolina, salt, oil or butter and sometimes anari (soft white cheese), milk and aromatics.  This dough is called myllomemi.

In the village Agridaki, they make single, double or triple afkotes. In the village Sihari they give the afkoti the shape of a girl and place an egg upon it.

In Akanthou they make stavrokouloura and place 4 or 5 eggs on top.

Afkotes photos: 
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