Finikota or Phoinikota are traditional sweets, similar to Kourabiedes biscuits with dates.The name finikota comes from the word finiki which means date in Greek.

They are in made Cyprus and are  prepared during Christmas. The basic ingredients for Finikota are flour, butter, dates and almonds.

First remove the pip from the dates and place an almond in each one.

Beat the butter with the sugar, the orange peel and the vanilla.

Mix the orange juice with the rose water and the cognac.

Add baking powder to the flour and then add the butter mixture along with the orange juice, creating a soft dough.

Open the dough into small pies and add the stuffed date into the centre. Then close the pie into a roll.

Bake the finikota for about 25 minutes and allow to cool down.

Warm the syrup and brush over the finikota. You can then cover them with icing sugar.

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finikota biscuits
finikota biscuits
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