The Thalassa Museum is located in Ayia Napa in the Famagusta district. The museum began its operation in August 2005, under the management of the Pieride Foundation, in cooperation with the Greek Institute of Naval Tradition Protection and the Foundation of Seal Life Tornarite – Pieride.

The theme of the museum is the sea and its aim is to present the role and the importance of the sea, the history of the Megalonisos from palaeontology until today, to its visitors and audience of Cyprus.

The element of the sea is attached within this wonderful architectural building of 3600 square metres with the use of artificial oxidized metal, and materials such as marble, onyx and wood. In order to make the exhibition halls of the museum beneficial, both from a scientific and teaching point of view, the axis of the visiting areas is divided into seven different levels. The paleontological, geological a archaeological and sea life displays are presented in underfloor glass shelves on which the visitor can walk and sea the displays that are placed freely as well as observe the displays that hang from the ceiling.

Apart from the exhibition areas of the museum, there is also a multipurpose room, an area specially formed for educational programs, seminars, conferences, and laboratories that cover various areas and are related with history and culture as well as tourism. There is a modern café and a souvenir shop. During the summer months there is an amphitheatre for music, dance and theatrical presentations.


Kriou Nerou 14

Ayia Napa

5354 Cyprus


357 23816366


+357 23816369



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ayia napa thalassa museum
ayia napa thalassa museum
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