The Milia Medieval Bridge is located about 2 kilometres from the Platres community, between the villages Platres and Pera Pedi.

It is a stone bridge built during the medieval period. The bridge was built in order to go over the Kryos River and connect the two villages. This is accessible on foot, by bike or by car. Hiking is offered for walkers as it is a difficult course of about 1, 5 kilometres starting from the Platres sports centre.

The bridge stands imperious and majestic through the centuries, surrounded by ivy and tall trees. The impressive scene is completed by the Kryos River with the unstoppable flow and the splendid sound. All these create a feeling of awe and peace to the visitor. The connection with the colours, the smells and the sounds of nature operate as an antidote to the stress and the depression that haunt our modern society.

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milia medieval bridge cyprus
milia medieval bridge cyprus
  • milia medieval bridge cyprus
  • milia medieval bridge platres
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