The Petrides Farm Park is located in the Margi village in the Nicosia district. It is a green farm with animals, games, sport areas, cafes in a great area in which the whole family can enjoy a relaxing time away from the city centre.

The particular farm is not only for recreation, but also educational as children have the opportunity to learn about the different farm animals that live there, offering an educational character to the whole concept.

The farm is open for the public every weekend from 9am to 6pm. Special events are also organised on the farm, such as birthdays and other celebrations.

Farm Historical Background

The farm history goes back to about 12 years ago, when the Petrides farm began an egg production unit in the small village of Marki. The village of Marki is located near the Tseri village in Nicosia, and has 5 residents.

The chicken and egg production business decided to extend its activities, by creating a farm that would be enjoyed by everyone and which would allow the experience of coming into contact with the animals, collecting eggs and participating in games. It would also be a place of relaxation in a beautiful natural environment.

Trails of 2, 5 kilometres were made, many farm animals arrived at the farm such as sheep, goats, ostriches and three football fields were created. The fields were particularly made for the use of playgrounds and battle arenas. The area would therefore be suitable for both children and adults.


Margi Village




22 525255

Operation hours:

Saturday – Sunday

09.00 – 18.00



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