Dance House  is located in the town of  Nicosia and it is a new, modern and unique area  dedicated to the support, promotion and development of dance in our country.

The Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture met with the Municipality of Nicosia in 2009 in order to find a building in order to house the developing dancing community of Nicosia. The House of Modern Dance Nicosia will be an area where all groups of the community can rehearse, present their work and develop their programmes.

The Municipality of Nicosia was positive towards the demand of the Cultural Services and offered the Theatre of the Agios Andreas Agora. At the present phase the technical services are estimating the renovation costs and will continue with the project.

Address :

25, Parthenonos/ Agora Agiou Andrea

1105 Nicosa


7000 50 35


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dance house nicosia
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