The first service in the Ministry of Education and Culture , with  exclusive competence in culture was created in 1965 and was named Education Services , which was then upgraded and renamed in 1992 to the Department of Cultural Services.

The Department of Cultural Services is the main exponent of culture politics of the state in concern with modern civilisation. Having the competence of the development of the Arts and Literature in Cyprus, the information and the participation of the public in the cultural scene and the presentation of the cultural achievements abroad, is an important role in the creation of the cultural physiognomy of the country.

In this section you will find information, details and photographs concerning the culture (foundations and bodies), arts (music, theatres, modern art) and education services (House of arts and letters, libraries) which Cyprus has to offer in its various towns. Some have existed for many years and have been offering their services to the public, while others are new, modern and fresh ready to be explored and put to good use by the citizens as well as visitors of Cyprus.

Cultural Services photos: 
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Cyprus Cultural Services map

Cyprus cultural services by location (district)

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