The Aphrodite Beach is located in the area of Agios Tychonas in the Limassol  district and its grey sand begins from the Four Seasons Hotel and reaches until the Puesta Oyster Bar & Grill Dream cafe.

The beach is completely hidden by eucalyptus trees which make it more secluded. It has also been awarded a Blue flag award for its crystal clear waters.

Aphrodite beach contains the rock of Aphrodite, the mythical birth place of the goddess of love a popular area for the romantics.

It is quiet beach which also offers sunbeds and umbrellas at three different points as well water sports and apartments for rent. The Aphrodite beach is very popular with kite surfers.

There is also a lifeguard on duty from 10 am to 5pm. The beach can easily be reached by car, motorbike, and bike and on foot.

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aphrodite agios tychonas
aphrodite agios tychonas
  • aphrodite agios tychonas
  • aphrodite beach
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