Cyprus is filled with various bridges (Venetian, Medieval etc ) all over the island. These beautiful locations remind us of fairy tales and transport us back in time to hundreds of years ago.

It is well known fact that Cyprus had been occupied by a variety of conquerors over the course of time, with many conquerors leaving their mark on the island.

Many elements of their culture, civilisation, folklore and architecture have been incorporated with that of the island’s to create what we know today.

In particular many of these treasures have been hidden by nature and are waiting for us to find them.

One of the mountainous treasures are the various bridges that stand out for their majestic construction in combination with the mountain environment composing a fairy-tale scene.

There are dozens of bridges on the island that have assisted with trade as well as transportation on the island. They now stand proud for their debt and wait for us to discover them hidden over the rivers, in the forests and villages in Cyprus.

According to the government list, the department of antiquities has declared twenty-seven of the island’s bridges as ancient monuments in order to protect and designate them.

Cyprus Bridges map

Cyprus Bridges by location (district)

Skarfou Bridge - Paphos

The Skarfou Bridge is located in the abandoned village of Skarfou, situated between the villages Evretou and Sarama in the Paphos district. ...

Stavrou Bridge - Fini Village

Stavrou Bridge is located in the village of Fini in the Limassol district. The bridge links the two parts of the Fini villages together. ...

The Old Bridge of Alethriko - Larnaca

During the 19th century there were notable buildings like the holiday house of the Austrian consul (Jeffry 1918), the house of Zekki Pashia,...

Trimiklini Bridge, Limassol

Trimiklini Bridge is located in the village of Trimiklini in the Limassol district. Walking around in the village one will meet the unique a...

Trimiklini Double Bridge

This is the only double bridge in Cyprus. Situated in a beautiful location in Trimiklini village (Limassol District), the bridge was constru...

Trozena Bridge

Trozena Bridge is situated in the abandoned village of Trozena - Gerovasa in the Limassol district. One would not expect to find s...