The Agios Mamas Chapel is situated in the Paralimni area of the Ammochostos district. It was built in 1930 by Dimitris Kalogiros.

Dimitris wanted to make the village even more magnificent so he decided to build a church which in the end was dedicated to Agio Mama.

It is a small simple chapel that is whitewashed and covered with roof tiles. The most precious thing in the small church is the icon of Agios Mamas who is presented on a lion, holding a lamb while Christ blesses him from the side.

Due to the fact that the central church of Paralimni is dedicated to Agio Georgio, two churches cannot be celebrated on the same day. Therefore Agios Mamas remains the protector of the farmers and the livestock owners. The chapel celebrated on the 2nd of September in honour of the saint.

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agios mamas church
agios mamas church
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