Choiromeri is a very popular Cypriot delicacy. It is a type of smoked ham from a whole pork leg. It is mainly made in Pitsilia from pork which matures in red wine from the area.

The name choiromeri is synthetic, the first word choiros means pork and the second word meri  means thigh.

The creation of choiromeri was made with special attention by the residents of twenty villages in the Pitsilia and Troodos areas.

It was made using  thigh and shoulder blade pieces of pork. The residents would take off the skin and the fat from the meat, salted it, put cumin on it and then marinated it in red dry wine for 40 days. Then the meat was hanged to be smoked with thyme or sage.

A heavy it was then placed on top in order to help it take its rectangular form.

Today a baler is used once a week so that the choiromeria can take their shape.

Once the meat is cut, it is hard with an old wine colour not salty but not unsalted with an exceptional taste and pleasant smell.

It is usually served as a meze with ouzo or zivania.


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