The Cypriot sausage is a special type of sausage which is made with chopped up meat used from the whole animal.

After the bones and the fat are taken off, the meat is grinded and is left to soak in red dry wine with the addition of some salt. After being soaked the product will have a characteristic taste due to the wine and the spices added to them (black pepper, coriander, cumin).

After the meat has been soaked, it is placed inside the pork bowel. The meat is then placed on a string to dry.  Each piece is folded so that each line has 6-10 pieces on it. The meat dries after about 2-3 in a closed area with regulated conditions.

The sausages can be cooked in a variety of ways, on the barbeque, grill or fried in a pan. They are mostly used a meze along with halloumi or pitta bread.

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cyprus sausage
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