The Moditiko Wine is the most famous, well-known and sought after wine in Cyprus. In the olden days each vine grower had to produce his own wine and then arrange for their sale. This is the reason that each house had its own storage area with large pots and storage units in order to process the grapes. The correct preparation of traditional wine was well known from the ancient times in Omodos. This is attested from the medieval Lino which is preserved.

The process of the grapes was important technology for its time. Earlier on each house had its own wine production workshop. Today very few wine makers exist due to the fact that they pass on all the grapes to the local wineries and large factories. However in order to produce both aromatic and flavourful wines, a series of appropriate actions must take place, most of which occur today.

The ripe grapes are transferred to the grinder as soon as they are collected. Earlier on they were stepped on at wine presses, and later machines were used. The quantity which is placed at the grinder is according to its capacity. Later on juice and grape are placed in the moulding. Containers. During the duration of fermentation, the grapes are always immersed in the jars because if they come to the surface and stay exposed there is a risk of them being infected and by extension the wine will go off. The length of fermentation varies between 15 – 25 days, depending on the content in sugar etc.  

After the fermentation is finished, then the wine is ready to be stored and it is decanted in clean pots to be stored, wooden barrels or stainless steel which are airtight closed in order to avoid evaporation.

Today most wines in Omodos are produced from the four local wineries which are equipped with state of the art machines and fermentation tanks from stainless still using a new technology.


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