Baklavas is a sweet which is found in many Middle East and ex Ottoman countries. Baklava is a rich, syrupy and buttery sweet which is made with many layers of crispy pastry.

The pastry (phyllo) contains nut filling, usually hazelnut, peanut or walnut and takes its sweet taste from sugar syrup or honey. The pastry contains eggs and it is rolled into thin sheets until it is nearly transparent.

The baklava also contains butter, milk, semolina and plenty of syrup.

Baklavas is cut into many and different shapes, triangular, diamond, square, small or large and each type has its own name.

After being cooked the baklava is covered with syrup or honey or rosewater according to the recipe, and is allowed to soak in.

It is usually served at room temperature and after lunch along with a coffee.

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