One kilometre southeast from the Salamiou village is the Holly Monastery of Panagia Eleousis which has been renamed as Salamiotissas.

The small but nice chapel is the only building which is left from the old Monastery, which was closed down during the last years of the Turkish occupation as after the resolution the Turks did not allow any monks, and increasing the Monastery taxes.

The story of the Monastery is almost unknown. The few existing clues which we do have, show that the Monastery has been around since the beginning of the 16th century. According to Archimandrite Kyprianos, the Monastery administratively belonged to the Metropolis of Paphos in 1788. In 1805 the estate of the Monastery was also recorded having 284 acres land and 80 olive trees. In 1866, 98 acres of land and 53 olive trees were recorded.

An older reference about the existence of the Monastery exists in an Ottoman document signed by Mohamud and sealed by Mehmed Hussein who appointed the priest Parthenio from the Salamiou Monastery as the guardian and administrator of the estate of a man called Phillipos who died leaving an orphan. It is without doubt that the small chapel which exists today is a building of the 16th century, possibly of 1550 A.D and was the main or secondary temple of the Monastery.

The miraculous icon of the Panagia tis Salamiotissas is dated of the beginning of the 13th century and therefore the Monastery may have existed from the 13th century as well. Besides, the 11th and 12th centuries are considered as the centuries in which the monk life bloomed, after being retrieved by the Byzantines allowing the foundation of new Monasteries.

The large wooden cross which belongs to the Holly relics of the Monastery has a disproportionate size for the small chapel and the carved stones which were found form an arch which make us believe that the temple was larger and that this is what remains today.

In the code of the Metropolis of Paphou, it is mentioned that the last monk passed away between 1825 and 1830. This monk was previously a married priest who dedicated to monk life after the death of his wife. As a deacon he dedicated the icon of the Virgin Mary to the Monastery during 1808. The priest was from the village of Salamiou and the family of priests descending from the monk still continue this tradition.

Relics in the Monastery

It is without doubt that the greatest relic of the Monastery is the miraculous icon of Panagia Salamiotissis which is dated to the 13th century and is of a Kykiotissa type but left handed.

Other important icons are those of Jesus and Prodromou which are dated to the first half of the 16th century and are attributed to the great painter Joseph Houri.

The large wooden Cross dated to the beginning of the 16th century as well as the doors are important relics of the Monastery. The same applies to a second icon of Jesus, a possible work of art of Titou Hartofylakos , along with two narrow icons of the Virgin Mary and Prodromou.

The monastery operates every Sunday and during the great celebrations. Gold-embroidered vestments and covers of the Altar are made at the Monastery.

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panagia salamiotissis
panagia salamiotissis
  • panagia salamiotissis
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  • salamiotissis
  • Παναγία Σαλαμιώτισσα
  • Παναγία Σαλαμιώτισσα
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