The State Gallery of Contemporary Cypriot Art is located in the town of Nicosia and permanently houses the State Collection of Contemporary Cypriot Art. At the Gallery there is an artist archive, which includes biographies and ergographic elements, an archive of slides and an archive of photographs. There is also an Art Library which is enriched with various publications in the area of history and theory of art, catalogues of large international exhibitions, and monographies of important historical and contemporary artists.

After the anticipated transformation of the SPEL Building, this building will be an extension of the State Gallery.

Address: Corner of Stasinou and Crete Avenue 1

1060 Nicosia

Telephone: 22458228

Fax: 22304976

Opening hours:


SPEL Building

Ammochostou Road

Old Nicosia

After the decision of the Ministry, the SPEL building in Old Nicosia will be transformed so that it may operate as a branch of the existing State Gallery of Contemporary Cypriot Art in Stasinou Street. The SPEL building will accommodate modern art projects from the State Collection dated from the 50’s, including pieces which are of non-conventional and new media.

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