The Kallinikeio Museum is situated in the village of Athienou in the Larnaca district. It is housed in the Kallinikeio Municipal Hall, along with the Athienou Town Hall. The creation of the museum was a matter of time for the municipality. Athienou has a rich cultural heritage and its existence is dated from antiquity.

The Kallinikeio Museum has been named after Kalliniko Stavrovounioti, the benefactor of Athienou and excellent painter. The museum is also distinguished for its modern architecture. It was inaugurated on the 3rd of July 2009 by the minister Niko Nikolaidi.

The Kallinikeio Museum is made up of three collections: Archaeological, Church Art and Ethnographic. The aim of the exhibition areas of the museum, is its operation as a centre of communication between the museum items and visitors, a source of knowledge for young and old, a memory for the old years and an attraction point for tourists and an acquaintance between the local – national history and culture.

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