The new fashion of malls was not possible to not affect Cyprus as well. Malls showed up in Cyprus during the last decade. With visits from millions of clients annually, malls have managed to conquer the Cyprus markets with the attraction of clients not only through the mall activity but also due to the entertainment they provide and genially due to a special atmosphere making a purchase into a walk.

The outdoor markets and the merchant festivals are succeeded by street shops and then by malls, while in the 21st century, the century of speed and consumerism, walks are combined with consumerism and fun.

The modern architectural creations, the concentration of shops in one space, the pleasant atmosphere, good prices, offers and easy access form the most important advantages of malls which have been a steady choice for the Cypriot consumer over the last few years.

It is not a random fact that each town in Cyprus has or will have in the immediate future a mall of its own. The plans for existing malls, the continuous additions of new shops, as well as the increase of annual visits undoubtedly form elements of their success.

So far, Larnaca has been the only town in Cyprus without a shopping mall, and seems to draw interest for the construction of not only one but three shopping malls. In particular, as it is known, a shopping mall which a permit has already been placed for (Sunny Mall) will be built in a land plot near the Larnaca KEN and the GCZ football field. At the same time, a business man is programming the construction of a third mall near the Kalo Chorio Larnaca roundabout (Zenon Mall). Whatever the case all three malls are claiming to accommodate high brands which maintain their presence in Cyprus.

A list and more information on existing or future malls in Cyprus along with their location, shops, and access details can be found on the table below.




Mall of Cyprus


Mall of Engomi


Nicosia Mall


Nicosia City Mall (Future)


My Mall


Kings Avenue Mall


Neon Mall of Paphos


Sunny Mall  (Future)


Zenon Mall (Future)



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mall of cyprus nicosia
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Cyprus malls map

Cyprus malls by location (district)

Zenon Mall, Larnaca

The Zenon Mall will be located in the Larnaca district, outside the town centre. It will be a two story shopping mall, about 45,000 squar...