The new Neon Mall of Paphos has officially opened its doors in Paphos , enriching the map of the city's retail. The Neon Mall of Paphos is housed in the previous Orphanides Paphos Mall, after its complete renovation.

The previous mall had been abandoned for years , until it was bought by a European investor for 12.5 million euros.

The Mall has opened with two shops during the first phase, Superhome Center and Kiabi. The well-known DIY chain store will be 3,500 square metres and will provide consumers with a bigger store.  

At the same time, the second Kiabi store opens in Cyprus. In a retail store of 1,300 square metres, the new shop is expected to offer a unique shopping experience for the whole family.

During the second phase of the Neon Mall of Paphos there will be new additions with a Lidl store, a Cyta shop and a Cosmos Sport shop.

A café will also be added to the mall , while other shop additions will be announced soon.

Neon Mall of Paphos photos: 
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