Limnara Beach (Kermia) is a small sandy beach in a rocky bay, covered with thin golden sand and with medium sized waves.

It is located at the west side of Cavo Greco, 3.5 kilometres east from the centre of Ayia Napa (on the main road which leads to Cavo Greco).

The largest part of the beach is located in front of the Kermia Hotel. In the area there are many places with accommodation, restaurants and water sport.

The beach is located near the Cavo Greco Sea caves that are namedPalatia”. ThePalatiaare caves in which there are sea ravines of up to 10 metres in height.  

All the Ayia Napa beaches have been awarded with the Blue Flag award, for their high level of cleanliness and the excellent facilities which are offered according to standards by the European Union.

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limnara beach
limnara beach
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