Pissouri Beach is located in the south part of the old village. It stands out for its golden sand, the colourful pebbles, the medium waves and the crystal clear waters.

Pissouri beach offers unique peace and relaxation. Its beauty in combination with the light and the white colour of the two hills offers a spectacular place of fun for all its guests. It is the ideal beach with a length of 1.500 metres and a width of 90 metres which can be used by all swimmers. Sports lovers can do water ski, surf and paraglide. Swimmers can also use their own umbrella and enjoy a pleasant day. Pissouri beach is proud to offer its beach facilities for free.

There are two changing rooms, toilets and showers which are offered for communal use. Also there is a large number of lifeguards which are trained to be on duty during the summer months. All these facilities help visitors enjoy there day and also make Pissouri a comfortable and safe place. The parking area also offers access to the beach without a hassle. Towards he beach there are five passages, for on foot, two of which are specially made for people with disabilities.

All roads lead to two luxury hotels and other facilities such as restaurants bars, pizza shops and other shops. Located in a beautiful bay between the hills is a quiet beach with very good restaurants which serve delicious food.

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