Church of Zoodohos Pigi, is the main community church of Amargeti and it is dedicated to the Zoodohos Pigi.

The church of Zoodohos pigi was built at the end of the 19th century, between the years 1888-1890 on the bases of an older church. In 1953 a part of the church was destroyed due to a powerful earthquake which hit Paphos.

In 1956, the temple was rebuilt and was extended by 20 feet towards the west. The church is white with byzantine architecture which ends into a polygenic arch and a semicircle interior. In the middle of the temple there is a dome.

The interior part of the temple is decorated with a wooden carved temblo which was made in 1908. The old icon of the Virgin Mary creates awe to the people who see it.

The church is celebrated on Easter Friday.

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amargeti zoodohos pigi
amargeti zoodohos pigi
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