The amphitheatre diving site is located in Paphos district, near the coral bay beach. This diving site is considered as one of the most popular diving sites in Paphos and is easily accessible by the public. The site ranges from 8 meters to a maximum depth of 22 meters and the most interesting point of this diving site is what appear to be an Amphitheatre at 9 meters. The diving site took the name of 'Amphitheatre' because of the natural formation which resembles an amphitheatre that was cut out of the rock by sea currents.

In addition to that, divers can explore the amazing rock formations and coral as well as the marine life which includes octopus, eels, cuttlefish, flounders and much more. The amphitheatre diving site is great for divers with experience as well as for learners.

Open water (OW) qualification required.

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