The Zinania Museum is located in the village of Vasa Koilaniou, at the foot of the Troodos Mountain range in the Limassol district.

It is houses in an old traditional house in the community of Vasa Koilaniou. The museum presents the production procedure, the distillation, the storage and the consumption of the traditional drink of zivania.

The museum has a distillation machine which is used in order to display the procedure of the distillation process with the traditional way. At the same time there are everyday items of the farming house of the village.

Visitors have the chance to try and buy zinania as well as other local products such as jam, wine, soutzouko, palouze etc. There are tour guides for groups as well as individual visitors during the museum operation hours. The museum is accessible for people with disabilities while there is also a coffee shop in the area.


Vasa Koilaniou

Operation hours:

Monday – Friday

08:00 – 13:00

Open weekends by arrangement



Entrance fee:

2 euros


Zivania Museum - Vasa Koilaniou photos: 
vasa koilaniou zivania museum
vasa koilaniou zivania museum
  • vasa koilaniou zivania museum
  • Zivania Museum
  • Zivania Museum vasa
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