Location: Troodos Mountain Range

District: Limassol

Starting Point: Troodos Square

Length: Approximately 14 kilometers

Time: 3-4 hours hiking

Difficulty: Easy to moderate


Points of Interest:

The Atalante Nature Trail wraps around Mount Olympus, offering hikers a journey through dense forests of black pine and golden oak. The trail provides spectacular views of the mountainous landscape and a chance to see a variety of local flora and fauna.


Rules of Conduct for Visitors:

  • Keep the area clean and dispose of rubbish responsibly.
  • Respect the natural quiet, avoiding loud noises.
  • Do not harm the natural flora or fauna.
  • Stay on designated trails to protect the environment.
  • Use water resources wisely and respectfully.


Nearby Places and Things to Do (within 5 km radius):

  • Explore other trails in the Troodos range, like the Artemis Trail.
  • Visit the Troodos Geopark for a deeper understanding of the area's natural history.
  • Enjoy traditional Cypriot cuisine at nearby village taverns.
Atalante Nature Trail photos: 
Atalante Nature Trail
Atalante Nature Trail
  • Atalante Nature Trail
  • Atalante Nature Trail
  • Atalante Nature Trail
Atalante Nature Trail location map: 

Nearby Places and things to do (within 5 km radius)

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