Appearance: It can grow up to 3 metres in length and is considered to be the longest snake in Europe. Up until the age of 5-6 years old it has a brick colour with dark brown spots, while later it takes its characteristic black colour.

Habitat: This snake can be found in heights up to 1500 metres. Quite common in its kind, its main habitat is agricultural and open areas with groups of trees or bushes.

Diet: Its diet comprises of small mammals, birds, lizards and even other snakes. Sometimes it prefers large insects.

Dangerousness: It is completely harmless. If found in danger, it lifts its body in order to bite. Its bite is not poisonous but it may last for a longer time due to the curviness of its teeth. The black whip snake is very useful, especially for agriculture as it feeds on rodents. It is worth mentioning that in the olden days, farmers would buy these snakes and place them on their land in order to control the amount of rodents and other poisonous fish.

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