The Droushia Weaving Centre is located in the beautiful village of the Droushia, about 30 kilometres from the Paphos district. The village of Droushia is located at an altitude of 630 metres in the mountainous area of Laona. The location suits the name of the village which comes from the Greek word “drosero” meaning cool, as there is a cool breeze that comes from the Akamas Peninsula.

The traditional character of the community is maintained through the stone houses with the carved doors and windows, as well as the narrow streets that offer a wonderful view over the hill towards the coast. The quiet and traditional environment makes Droushia ideal for agrotourism and the village offers accommodation with many small hotels, as well as stone houses.

The Weaving Museum is located next to the church of Agios Epiphanios. The museum will transport you to a time in the past where the villagers created traditional cloths made from cotton and silk. There are traditional costumes on display in order to see how the villagers dressed during that time. The different types of costumes also show the relations that the island had with other neighbouring countries through trade. Each particular costume represents a unique traditional creation.  Most cloths were made on a traditional loom called a voofah in Greek which is also on display for visitors to view and admire.


Droushia Village

District :



Agiou Nikola Nikoxyliti 2




Community Board of Droushia

Operating Period:

All year round

Operating Hours :

Monday – Friday  08:00-15:00


Parking area.

The museum is not accessible to visitors with wheelchair disabilities.

Brochure in Greek and English that is provided for free.






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