The Machairas National Forest Park is located in the area of Machairas in the Nicosia district.

The aim of the park the protection and proper use of the precious operation and value: ecological, scientific, hydraulic and recreational. For this reason, the design and implementation of the park’s development will take place.

Current Status:

Picnic Sites

There are three picnic areas in the park. In these there are tables, drinking water, parking areas, toilets and children playgrounds.

Nature Trails

In total there are five nature trails which operate in the park area with a total length of 19 kilometres. One of these has been designed in order to be used by people with wheelchairs. All the trails are marked with informative signs for the main points of special interest.

Bicycle Paths

A number of managing roads are used for the sport of Mountain biking.


The types of plants which can be seen in the Machairas Park are over 600. Amongst them are 27 endemic Cypriot plants. The main forest tree is the Pinus brutia, which is either on its own or in combination with other trees, the endemic latzia Quercus alnifolia and other bushes which create a beautiful forest location.


In the area one may meet different types of mammals such as the fox Vulpes vulpes , and the porcupine Hemiechinus auritus dorothea , different types of snakes such as snakes and lizards as well as rare endemic types of butterflies.

In the bird kingdom there are important types which live in the park and these are :  the protected Heriaaetus fasciatus) , and the emdemic Sylvia melanothorax ,Oenanthe cypriaca , Parus ater Cypriotes, Carulus glandarius as well as the common partridge Alectoris chukar and the wood pigeon Columba palumbus.


The two largest river in Cyprus, the Pedieos , Yialias as well as the Pentaschoinos and Maroni rivers derive from the park.

Information: District Forest Operation of Nicosia, Larnaca, Ammochostos.

Telephone: 22403739

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