Adonis Baths waterfalls can be found in Kili, at Paphos and it is considered as one of the most gorgeous and exceptional areas in Cyprus. Swimming in the baths, below the waterfall is supposed to preserve the woman's youth and strengthen the men. Moreover, outside the baths you will find a statue of Adonis and Aphrodite. There is also a message that says, "ladies infertile who wish to become pregnant touch Adonis's appendage and have many children thereafter".

Based on the Greek mythology, Adonis and Aphrodite had many children at this place and people from Paphos are supposed to be offspring of these two lovers. According to Greek Mythology the Adonis baths was the place where Aphrodite and Adonis spent most of their time and it was also favourite place. Adonis Baths was also the place where Adonis died, when a man who was disguised as wild boar fatally wounded him. Before dying he returned to the baths and died in the arms of his love, Aphrodite. She could not bear of losing her beloved Adonis therefore she begged for him to be send back every six months.

Adonis Baths Waterfalls Location

Adonis Baths can be found very easy since they are close to the Coral Bay, and are located two kilometers from Kili village and twelve kilometres from Paphos. Adonis baths are near Mavrokolymbos Dam and can be reached by either Tala or the Akoursos road. However, travelers who wish to use bicycles and motorbikes is better to use the Tala Road.

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