Cedar Valley or Koilada ton Kedron in Greek is located deep in the Paphos Forest (Paphos district)

This beautiful and stunning valley can be found between the villages Lysos village (to the west), Pano Panagia village (to the south), Kambos and Tsakkistra villages (to the east) and Pyrgos and Pomos (to the north).

The picnic area of Cedar Valley is located at an altitude of about 1.150m. The imposing Tripylos is located a few kilometres to the northwest with an altitude of about 1.400m. Cedar Valley accommodates the Cyprus Cedar, an endemic subspecies which numbers about 130.000 trees.

Hikers enjoy different views towards and returning on the same pathway but there are many directions one can go through. The hiking pathway is ideal for anyone that loves nature. Hikers are accompanied by cedar trees, latzies and the winged fauna of the area.  It is possible, yet difficult for hikers to see a few of the hundreds of mouflon which live in the Paphos Forest.

The path ( and especially the Tripylos peak) offers a splendid view of an important part of the Paphos Forest and the parts of the north coastline, towards Polis and Akama to the northwest and towards Morphou Bay to the northeast.

The path is beautiful all year round, including summer and winter. In the summer some parts are greener while in the winter there is sometimes fog or snow.

Cedar Valley (Koilada ton Kedron) photos: 
cedar valley forest
cedar valley forest
  • cedar valley forest
  • Koilada ton Kedron Paphos
  • Cedar Valley Paphos
  • Koilada ton Kedron
  • Cedar Valley (Koilada ton Kedron)
  • Cedar Valley (Koilada ton Kedron)
  • Cedar Valley (Koilada ton Kedron)
  • Cedar Valley (Koilada ton Kedron)
  • Cedar Valley (Koilada ton Kedron)
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