Paphos Castle or Paphos Fort is located at the Kato Paphos harbor.The Paphos castle was originally a byzantine fortress which was built in order to protect the port. It was rebuilt during the 13th century by the Louzinians. It was then demolished by the Venetian in 1570 during the Ottoman invasion where they took over the island during the 16th century. During the ruling of the Ottomans the castle was restored to its old glory, expanded and reinforced.Originally this role belonged to the fortress of the Forty Columns, the ruins which are located a few hundred yards further north.

The castle of Paphos is built of strong and large stones and the castle is connected to the harbor via an arched bridge. There are very few windows but the view from the top of castle is amazing. The fort is noted in the UNESCO list of world heritage sites and is fully protected.During its history, the Paphos Castle was used for protection reasons as well as a prison and as a storage area for salt when the island was a British colony. In 1935 it was announced as an ancient monument and it considered to be one of the emblem of the Paphos district.

Lastly, many festivals and functions take place In front of the castle, such as the Aphrodite Festival during September. Included in this festival are famous operas from all over the world, directed by famous artists.

Location: Harbour, Kato Paphos

Additional Information
- Tel: +357 26306217
- Open daily: Winter hours (1st November- 31st March): 08.00-17.00
- Open daily: Spring hours (1st April - 31st May): 08.00-18.00
- Open daily: Summer hours (1st June - 31st August): 08.00-19.30
- Open daily: Autumn hours (1st September - 31st October): 08.00 - 18.00
- Entrance: € 2.50

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