The Agios Kornilios Church is located in the Paralimni area of the Ammochostos district. More specifically it is situated at a close distance from the centre of the community.

It is not known when and why the church of Agios Kornilios was built, however it is the only church in Cyprus that is dedicated to the particular saint. It is known that until 1984 there was a previous chapel dedicated to this saint however it was poorly made and was destroyed in 1985. The chapel that exists today took the place of the previous church in the same location.

The church is small with roof tiles on its roof and a bell tower to its southeast side. It has a courtyard and is surrounded by trees. The only this that was preserved from the previous chapel is the altar which was transferred to the new church as well as the unique icon of the Saint. Its interior is decorated with beautiful murals painted by the hagiographer Vladimir Milits.The chapel only operates once a year on the 13th of September, which is when the saint is celebrated.

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agios kornilios chapel
agios kornilios chapel
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