Shamisi is a small fried sweet pie filled with various ingredients such as halva and semolina.

It is a traditional sweet in the Cypriot cuisine which has been made since the 19th century. It is mainly made on name days (especially during church celebrations). They are served hot and usually with loukoumades.

In order to prepare shamisi there are various recipes. The main versions are these two:

The first recipe includes a cup of semolina, a few cups of water, one cup of tea with rosewater, half a table spoon of mastic, and one cup of sugar. In order to prepare the pastry three cups of flour are used along with three table spoons of olive oil.

The second version includes water, semolina, sugar and mastic for the stuffing while the pastry needs two cups of flour, half a cup of corn oil, salt and water for mixing.

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