The Liopetri River is located in the Liopetri village in the Ammochostos district (Kokkinochoria). Once you arrive at the Liopetri village, turn left in order to get to the river.

The location of the river, with the beautifully coloured fishing boats, and the surrounding vegetation create a wonderful image.

Over the years the river has formed a narrow valley which extends until the sea , similar to what we know as a fjord. It has now become a fishing refuge for the local fishing boats in the area and it visited by tourists as well as locals.The fishing refuge currently accommodates 110 fishing or recreation vessels. The length of the river is about 630 metres, a width of 15-40 metres, while its extension towards the sea reaches 110 metres.

While walking around the river, you can see the numerous fishing boats that have been abandoned and beaten up by the sea, however they have slowly become one with the whole scenery almost as if one had placed them there on purpose.

Surrounding the river, are some fishing taverns in which one can enjoy fresh fish or a seafood meal. One can relax, talk with the fishermen and even watch the fish being brought in from the fishing nets.

The present situation however is expected to change as a suggested project may soon take place. The project includes the restoration of the area with a new fishing refuge, parking areas a park, paved areas, cycling areas and other facilities.

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Liopetri is a village located in the Ammochostos district. More specifically it is situated at the southeast part of Cyprus, at an altitude ...