The Ayia Napa Sea Caves are a small miracle of nature are located between Kermia beach and Cavo Greco in the area of Ayia Napa. They have great geological and environmental value for the area.

The formation of the rocks has been created by the waves hitting on the rocks through the passing of many centuries. The tall rock in which the caves have been carved is covered by the sea creating a semi-circular bay.

A visitor can get to this point by car, on foot or by mini cruises which take place in the area. For those who choose to hike one can follow the coastal nature trail of a length of 4, 5 kilometres on the east side of Ayia Napa that goes passed the rocky coast and offers continuous view towards the sea.

What is sure is that visitors must be very careful as the nature trails are especially rugged with dirt and pebbles.

The sea caves in Ayia Napa also bring the name “palatia” (palaces), highlighting the greatness which has been created by nature, attracting thousands of visitors and being one of the most photographed points in the area.

One can admire the majestic view and the variety of colours that is created by the sunrays which are reflected on the blue colour of the sea.

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ayia napa sea caves
ayia napa sea caves
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