The Tala Amphitheatre is situated in the village of Tala, around 8 kilometres from the Paphos centre.

The amphitheatre is located next to the Konstantinos Leventis Park which is a beautiful park filled with trees and small bushes along with a children’s playground.

The Tala amphitheatre is a great venue for many events such as music and dance events, concerts theatrical plays and other cultural events. As the amphitheatre is situated at a high location in the village, the views are breathing with sea views towards the coral bay beach, as well as the village below.

 A café bar is located next to the amphitheatre, where one can enjoy meals, snacks, refreshments or ice-creams.

Tala Ampitheatre photos: 
tala amphitheatre
tala amphitheatre
  • tala amphitheatre
  • tala amphitheatre paphos
  • tala park
  • Tala Ampitheatre front view
  • Tala Ampitheatre park
  • Tala Ampitheatre side view
  • Tala Ampitheatre aerial view
  • Tala Ampitheatre aerial view
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