Kourion beach is outside Limassol in the area called Kourion. The Kourion is an area which has a deep history from the ancient Greek and Roman ages. It is well known for the Kourion Amphitheatre. The beach is very nice however the sea is a bit rough as it is open sea.

Kourion beach is considered as a lovely beach of grey sand and small pebbles, with waves soaking the sand. Windsurfers are interested as the area is windy as well as other wind-dependent sportspeople. Also, the general public is interested, who come here for the stunning lack of visual clutter or buildings. The beach is located around 17km west of Lemesos, within the British Sovereign Base Area (SBA), which is partly responsible for the lack of development in this pocket of the island.

Kourion beach is reachable by public transport, although the locals like to drive to the beach with their cars. There is no shade, apart from the escape offered by several tavernas.
Note: The eastern end of the beach is considered as unsafe for swimming, but the western end is OK.

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