The village of Fini or Foini is located in the Limassol district. It is built on the Troodos Mountain range, at an altitude of 365 metres above the sea level. Fini is located 44 kilometres northwest of the town of Limassol. To the east it borders with Platres , to the south with Kato Platres , to the southwest it borders with Omodos , to the west with Agio Nikolao Paphos , to the northwest with Kaminaria and Agio Dimitrio and to the north with Palaiomylo and Prodromo.

By following the hill downwards with the abrupt turns you meet an old stone water fountain. It is the water fountain of Pellomarou which stop your thirst with its water.  It receive its name from the older yeas from the residents who used to live next to the fountain and who was crazy. According to tradition whoever drank from the water would always stay in the village forever.

After moving along, you see modern houses next to the traditional ones made of bricks and stone, and without realising it you arrive at the centre of the village. Next to the small square is the Pilavakio Museum of folklore are where you can see and meet the story of Fini with the passing of time. Old photos, clay vases, items of everyday use of our forefathers, transport you to other times forgetting the rhythm of everyday life.

Next to the museum is the bank, the office of the board and a coffee shop. A little further is an ancient bell tower which leads to the church square though stone steps. That is where the church is located, dedicated to the Timio Stavro. It was built in 1860 and continues to draw Christians to the village as well as tourists who visit it.

Going up towards the green filled alleys, is the village square which is dedicated to two young men in the community, Dimo Erodotou and Efstathio Xenofondos who died during the freedom war of 1955-59. A little further is the statue of Archbishop Sofroniou who was born in Fini and as a protector and guardian he catches your attention. Opposite is the youth centre in which the youth of the village find refuge for entertainment, conversations and fun.

Near there, is the primary school of the village which operated today with 18 students and 2 teachers. In the same area is the cultural centre. Both buildings were built with donations of Antonio and Evgenia Ttheodorou many years ago. The community of Fini has also managed to operate an old person’s home which was donated by Nina Saloumi.

As you enjoy the beauties of the village and the various buildings, you can find restaurants and coffee shops to provide you with quality food, drinks and homemade food.

A few kilometres outside the village there is a splendid natural location, the Chantara waterfall at the Diarizos River with its crystal waters. The river goes through the village and the water give a melodic music and a relaxing feeing. Next to the waterfall is a private trout farm, which is the only one in the area and is well known for its exceptional trout.

At the same time a religious element can be seen throughout the village from the chapels of Agia Anna,Agia Marina, Agion Anargyron and Agiou Georgiou. These four chapels which surround the village and protect it from evil, are covered in greenery.

The residents are not only religious, but are also welcoming and offer their help to anyone who needs it. It is possible that all these helped the cultural, economic and community during the passing of time.

With the passing of the centuries, the village has managed to preserve and transfer the customs from generation to generation and keep them alive even though there were many difficult times. The creation of loukoumia made the village well known all over Cyprus, as well as the pottery making and the creation of its well-known wooden chairs show that the residents think about the past and have managed to transfer everything to the new generations.

If you still haven’t visited the majestic wine village do so. When you try the products which the village produces you will understand what the hospitality of Fini is like. You will be surprised and you visit will remain unforgettable. The sound of the birds as well as the cool air will keep you company during the whole way and will help you leave the noise and the fumes of the city.

The 10 cent coin of the Cypriot Pound

Fini has no doubt been one of the most important centres of pottery art in Cyprus. For years, every house was a pottery construction shop. The women made all the pottery which was necessary for the house and the men created the large clay pots. Proof of the art and the fame of the Fini village is the well-known pottery item which is located on the 10 cent coin. However the traditional occupation has now declined and there are only two elderly women who are still involved with this art.

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