The Agia Irene Chrysovalantou Chapel is located in the village of Mathiati in Nicosia. The chapel was built about 25 years ago by a donation made by Omiros and Anastasia residents of Agia Varvara.

The couple had fertility problems for about 12 years. Therefor they decided to travel to Greece to pray to Agia Irene Chrysovalantou to pray for a child. Once they returned to Cyprus, they began to construct the chapel in Mathiatis , and a few months later Mrs. Anastasia became pregnant.

After hearing about the miracle many couples that have fertility problems from all over Cyprus ,pray to Agia Irene Chrysovalantou in order to be able to conceive a child.

The Agia Irene Chapel in Mathiati is the first church that was built in Cyprus dedicated to the particular saint. Agia Irene Chrysovalantou is celebrated on the 28th of July and many believers from all over Cyprus pray at the celebration

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agia irene chrysovalantou mathiatis
agia irene chrysovalantou mathiatis
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