In the centre of the village of Pomos is the church of Agio Evpsihios. According to the Evangelist Mathew, Agios Evpsihios lived and dies during the years of Julian the Offender.

The church was constructed during the 20th century. With the passing of time, as the village population was increasing the church urgently need to be extended. Therefore during the middle of the 20th century, the church was extended twice. The shape of the church today is due to the attempts to extend it during 1986.

The construction of the church was decided by a man from Pomos after the advice of a monk in the Holly Land. He was advised to build the church as there wasn’t one there before and in particular to construct it in honour of Agios Evpsihios.

The church is celebrated on the 9th of April which is in memory of Agios Evpsihios.

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